Hello, I am Jim Reneau, President of RENEJM Enterprises, Inc.  I have been consulting with clients for over 25 years and look forward to getting to know you and your business.


A Small Business Working for Small Businesses

Since the beginning of RENEJM in 1992 we have focused on serving small business clients that are too small to have a full time IT staff to support their needs but who have complex computer systems needs that are beyond “off the shelf” hardware and software. Our focus will always be to make it work, if possible, in a reliable manner. High pressure sales with short term results and poor communication are bad for both parties. We strive to do business the right way.

Typically RENEJM works with clients on a time and material basis. Under this model, you will NEVER have a long term commitment or retainer. YOU to control how much or how little you need our services. Fixed bids are available for some jobs where requirements are specified and agreed upon in advance.



Most of what is done at RENEJM is the development of custom solutions.  We do have a couple of solutions that form the base of other work or that stand alone for many clients.  They are:

Pick Decompiler – a decompiler for AP/D3 database systems.

YADAc – Yet Another Damn Accounting system.  An open source accounting system written in HTML, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL.


What is RENEJM?

In the ’80s while I was working on my Bachelors of Science in Mathematics and Computer Programming, at Morehead State University, I was assigned the user id “RENEJM” on the Pr1me minicomputers at school. First four letters of your last name plus first and middle initials was how the user id was created. This user id had followed me through college to become my AOL screen name in the ’90s, my first email address, and first domain name on the early Internet.

In 1992, after leaving Columbus, OH to come back home, I started free-lancing in computer software programming and systems integration. RENEJM was formally incorporated in June 1996, I have been the president since founding.

– Jim Reneau (President)


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